Logistic Terms

a/a :Always afloat Customs declaration :Customs declaration
a.a.r :Against all risks d.d. :Dangerous deck
Air consignment note :Air consignment note dead freight :dead freight
Airport of arrival :Airport of arrival Delivering carrier :Delivering carrier
Airport of departure :Airport of departure Delivery service :Delivery service
Airway bill :Airway bill Demurrage :Demurrage
Always safely afloat :Always safely afloat DEP :Departure
a.m. :Ante meridien Dispatch money :Dispatch money
Amounts :Amounts d.i.c. :Ships? capacity for load
Approx. :Approximetaly d.i.o. :destination charges which are paid only at loading
ARR :Arrival d/p :Document against Payment
B/L :Bill of lading Emergency rates :Emergency rates
Booking :Booking e.t.a. :estemated time for arrive
Breakdown clause (of-of-hire clause) :Breakdown clause (of-of-hire clause) E.T.C. :possible time for the completion of the business
Breaking bulk :Breaking bulk Ex ship :Delivery from the ship
Brokerage :Broker f.a.c. :speeding up the process by using all the opportunities during loading and off loading
B.S. : Bottom stowed f.a.s. :Free on aircraft
B.S.T. :British summer time Force majeure :Force majeure
Bulk :Bulk f.o.t. :free on truck
Bulk freight :Bulk freight f.t. :Full terms
ca. :circa Gateway charges :Gateway charges
c.a.d. (c/d) :Cash against documents General cargo rates :General cargo rates
c.a.f. :Cost, assurance,freit,c.i.f. Goods :Goods
cargo :cargo Handling :Handling
Carriage :Carriage I.C.C. :arbitraments which are prepared by British Insurers Institude
Carrier :Carrier Incoterms :International commercial terms
c.o.d. :Charges collect In regular turn :In regular turn
Certificate of origin :Certificate of origin Landing charges :Landing charges
c.+ f :Cost and freight L/C :Letter of credit
c.+ i :Cost and insurance Lines terms :Lines terms
Charge :Charge Livraison en cale :Livraison en cale
Chargeable weight :Chargeable weight L.S&D charges :Landing.storage and delivery charges
c.k.d. :completely knocked down L/T :Long tonne
Claims :Claims Main port :Main port
c/o :Care of. M/R :Mate`s receipt
c.o.d. :Cash on delivery n.o.p. :Not otherwise provided
Collecting free :Collecting free Offload :Offload
Commodity rates :Commodity rates Open rates :Open rates
Conditions of contract :Conditions of contract o.w.h. :Ordinary working hours
Consignee :Consignee pd :Paid
Consignment :Consignmen p.m. :post meridiem
Consignor :Consignor p.o.d. :Paid on deliveri
Consolidator :Consolidator Shipment :Shipment
Consular ?nvoice (C.I) :Consular ?nvoice (C.I) Subopen :Subject to being open
c.o.s. :Charterer pays des Surcharge :Surcharge
CPT :Cost Prepaied Thru B/L :Bill Of Lading
CRF :Cost and Freight Trace :Trace
c.t :Conference terms u.c. :unusual Conditions
Current rates :Current rates w/m :Weight or measurement
Customs broker :Customs broker
Customs clearance :Customs clearance